R/SF projects is excited to announce a series of workshops engaging the intersection between everyday life and the critical and intellectual curiosity of artistic research and practice. Art(works) provides compensated teaching opportunities to artists while mobilizing art into the hands of the community. Throughout the series, artists will demonstrate skills and ideas connected to larger social, political, or historical contexts that intrinsically play into the everyday lives of artists and non-artists alike.

MAD GIRL CLUB // “Needles can draw blood too“

Instructor: Laura Rokas

The Mad Girl Club CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE. When the world has left you needing to cry, laugh, and bitch all at once, don’t hide away! Wear your emotions proudly on your sleeve by making them into patches! This club is aimed at creating a safe space for conversation, emotion and camaraderie through patch making and wearing. Learn how to: transfer drawings, patterns, and printed images onto felt; basic to complex embroidery stitching techniques; and how to sew your patch onto a surface of your choice. Each meeting of the Mad Girl Club will develop new topics and patches through an ever evolving community conversation. Let the world know you’re angry and you aren’t going to take it anymore!

Mad Girl Promise
On my honor, I will try: 
To serve myself and my sanity,
To make safe spaces at all times, 
And to live by the Mad Girl Law.

Mad Girl Law
I will do my best to be
Upfront and strong,
rigorous and real, 
courageous and new,
in what I say and what I do, 
and to
enact self love,
keep my anger and my truth
and ally those who know it too.

FEMME FATALE // “Learning how to start a feminist fire”

Instructor: Kaitlin Trataris

Light a fire under the ass of patriarchy! Breathe in the sweet scent of strength! Commune with your feminist heroines and gather in an act of radical love! Join us in making prayer candles adorned with the image of your favorite FEMME FATALE while learning traditional candle making techniques. In this workshop you will learn how to prepare your wick, melt down wax, dye your wax to the color of your choice and add essential oils to customize the scent of your candle. In addition to learning how to work with wax, the class will teach you how to decoupage (the art of decorating with paper) both the glass jar for you prayer candle, and also directly onto the wax of a taper candle.

As a response to the inauguration of Donald Trump and in preparation for the Women’s March in San Francisco, these candles will serve as a source of empowerment at home and as a tool of peaceful protest to burn at the march itself (optional) in Civic Center following the workshop.