Tyler Eash

b. Marysville, CA

Tyler Eash uses interdisciplinary approaches to create new methodologies for understanding the beauty in truth. He works in the realms of sculpture, painting, architecture and performance and is influenced by the Arte Povera and Judson Church movements. His work translates the banal into profound reception through use of everyday and industrial materials such as hair, glass, fibers and found objects. He performs alongside his sculptural work in order to personify them. By choreographing elements of the commonplace Eash questions what is animate/inanimate.

Eash studied architecture and choreography at University of California, Davis. He is the Founding Curator of #* Collective (Bay Area, CA) and is a curator at Ridge Space (Oakland, CA). His work has been exhibited at Safehouse Arts (San Francisco, CA); Pro Arts Gallery (San Francisco, CA); and MAPP (San Francisco, CA). Eash performed with Movement Research at Judson Church (New York, NY); was Artist in Residence at the Shawl Anderson Dance Center (Berkeley, CA) and has collaborated and performed with Sara Shelton Mann (Davis, CA); John Jasperse (Davis, CA); and Forsythe Company Repertory at the American Dance Festival (Durham, NC).

Solo Exhibitions
Full Moon in the Daytime, R/SF projects, San Francisco, CA
How to be a Ghost, Safehouse Arts, San Francisco, CA
Waterfall, waterfall, Better Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Phantasmaglorian Discourse, SADC, Berkeley, CA
A Dance for Architects, University of California Davis, Davis, CA

Selected Group Exhibitions
4 Rooms, R/SF projects, San Francisco, CA
Mechanism, Safehouse Arts RAW Events, San Francisco, CA
DEMO, #* Collective, Oakland, CA
ONE YEAR, No Roof Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Memoria, MAPP, San Francisco, CA
Nonfiction, #* Collective, San Francisco, CA
Natura Futura, Five Senses Art, San Francisco, CA
Ebb & Flow, Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA
Glossolia, (with Movement Research), Judson Church, New York, NY
Glossolalia, Bare Bones Festival, Berkeley, CA
Studies in Levitation, SADC, Berkeley, CA

2019, Master of Fine Arts Candidate, Goldsmiths University of London, London, United Kingdom
2011, Bachelor of Arts, University of California Davis, Davis, CA