19 November 2016

R/SF invites you into a hidden underground of performance art, dance, installation, and sound—where spontaneous encounters and interactive landscapes unfold. Immerse yourself in a contemporary masquerade where art objects contain clues and invite sensorial play.

Put on a mask, dance with a stranger, and step into a role of bold self-experimentation. Abandon your cell phone and the world of Tinder to seek something experiential and sublime—Theatricalize your Saturday night.

Every third Saturday of the month, R/SF transforms into MASQ—a gallery in drag for the night. We invite an intimate group of audience members to take part in this ephemeral fantasy: a living production featuring mystical non-linear narratives and a rotating cast that invites repeat exploration.

Our inaugural opening features work from:
Tyler Eash
Stevie Southard
Zulfi Ali Bhutto
John Erbach
Paula Morales
Ricardo Saavedra
Mint Park