Interview by Heart of the City, January 2017 

Tyler Eash is a multi-media artist and architect living and working in San Francisco. He kindly agreed to an impromptu interview during his exhibition Full Moon in the Daytime at R/SF projects in Lower Nob Hill. The exhibition contemplates the loss of his older brother and the transient nature of existence while he adds insight concerning the state of the Tenderloin neighborhood and San Francisco, bodies in flux drawn in and out by the tides of gentrification and urban renewal.

"Working across the realms of sculpture, painting, architecture, and performance, he has ardently investigated notions of ephemerality and mark-making; In Full Moon in the Daytime, Eash zooms in—continuing to compose as one makes prose, but with a renewed focus on the reality of impermanence, and the frivolity yet universality of the desire to matter. In his explicit choice to work with objects in this exhibition, he embraces their potentiality to inhabit a mediating third space, personify sentiment, and encapsulate action as physical artifact."