Yvette Dibos
Winter-Time Rock of Loneliness
24 MARCH 2016

Yvette Dibos' TV show, "BUY NOW! (Winter-Time Rock of Loneliness)", was performed live at R/SF March 24 8-10pm. Not to be missed!!!! Let Dibos transform your life with her line of self-help products, complete with tutorials on how to make your own. Pre-assembled versions also available.

Dibos' work directly considers our bad consumer habits by highlighting the process of succumbing to instant gratification, especially from a product that is custom or self-reflective. Her use of spectacle draws attention to the commodification of art through inversion of its use.

SNEAK PRODUCT PREVIEW: “The Winter Time Rock of Loneliness”  comes in three sizes: small, medium, and extra lonely. And a wall-mounted altar for my cat (or yours!) called “Securing the Solution to Your Future Loneliness”.