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Cloud Archives/Juan Pablo Pacheco

Cloud Archives is a collaborative project developed by Juan Pablo Pacheco. The project consists of a wi-fi network that exists offline, constituting a peer-to-peer sharing platform only accessible through participants’ physical presence. Powered through PirateBox, the makeshift platform fashions a space for digital and analog collaboration "off the grid." Speaking to the history of information and art since the beginning of the digital era, we invite you to bring your laptops, phones and/or tablets to access, share, and even modify content.The wi-fi network will be accessible 24/7 from March 26 until June 1; Cloud Archives is a gallery that never closes.

Biweekly thereafter, Pacheco will announce Cloud Archive's new geographic location via R/SF’s facebook and email newsletter. The featured host will set the tone for a new cycle of digital exchange through various interventions such as uploading a tool, idea and/or question for participants to engage with. The platform will constitute a continuous digital archive, open to modification and use by everyone.