Bob Linder, Shelley Harrison, Colin Liang, Ryan Van Runkle, Mila Puccini, Leah Malinowski
60 Minute Gallery
Curated by Lauren Shaw, Ryan Van Runkle, Kevin Corbett-Hill
28 March 2016

Sixty Minutes is a curatorial project led by Lauren Shaw, Ryan Van Runkle and Kevin Corbett-Hill. This show at R/SF is the second iteration of Sixty Minutes, a nomadic art gallery, that responds to mass-media, news-related themes, and shows art for sixty minutes and sixty minutes only.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syra (ISIS), aka the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), was formed in 1999 by Abu Masab al-Zarqawi. For most Americans, ISIS rose to infamy with their violent, high-production-value videos, that depict beheadings, burnings, and crucifixions. The artists in this show respond to ISIS and the media with objects, images and actions, that question how they may create meaning from the mess of violence and spectacle.

“There isn’t a script, everyone’s just making things up as they happen” (Chris Kraus, Summer of Hate).