Oliver Hawk Holden
Only the Habit
6 MAY 2016

Only the Habit is an exhibition and awards ceremony centered around the Nun Race performed on April 16, 2016 in San Francisco’s downtown. Two years in the making and originating from an idea that began in high school, Oliver generated funding for the project via Kickstarter to fund the fabrication of the habits for his racers and plan the event and its recording. The race itself is a an absurd combination of religious authority figures taking part in skateboarding and punk cultures. The ceremony is being held to recognize participants and exhibit ephemera, photos, sculptures, screen prints and documentation of the race.

Oliver Hawk Holden is an artist from Portland, Maine. As a recent graduate from the San Francisco Art Institute, he is currently based out of his studio in Oakland, CA. Oliver works with video, sculpture, painting and printmaking exploring the anxieties and vulnerabilities of day to day life with humor. Within the simplified forms and texts, he creates a space for the viewer to insert their personal experiences into his visual narratives: trying to talk to people about people.