Hadar Kleiman & Brittany Acocelli
Curated by Kathryn Barulich
16 APRIL 2016

SPRING BREAK proposes the signifiers of a tropical vacation, and spins them around. A dizzying arrangement of artificial memories from getaways past provides a platform for the examination of what we find appealing. Faux, fake, fabricated – these works simultaneously question and indulge in idealized visions of a nonexistent place. We are left stranded on an uncanny island, where spring break never begins or ends.  

Palm trees, sandy beaches, and blue skies are familiar to Hadar Kleiman and Brittany Acocelli. Brittany hails from Florida, spring break’s home town. Her work reeks of the warm sea and stale, clammy air. Hadar often dissects the elements of “tropical” to question the realness of the objects in our world. She uses a technique she describes as fakeism, as she makes things that pretend to be what they’re not. The exhibition is curated by Kathryn Barulich.