Stitch N' Bitch Series

noun: stitch 'n' bitch
a social gathering during which the participants chat or gossip while engaging in knitting or needlework.
"her grand designs for the shop involve a trendy makeover and the introduction of a Tuesday night stitch-and-bitch session"

The work has started! Let's keep it going - healthy communities are born from dialogue, and craftivism is a catalyst for change! Join us at the gallery and bring knitting, crochet, patch work, socks that need darning, in progress sewing projects, drawings, wood whittlings, and more. We are gathering in this series to discern political literacy together, create a space to meet your neighbors, and practice the active participation that defines democracy. 

THIS EVENT IS FREE AND OPEN TO ALL genders, backgrounds, ethnicities, income levels, artists, and non-artists alike, creatures and more. We believe everyone benefits from a multitude of voices and the co-creation of safe spaces. Bring your fav materials (and maybe some snacks for yourself, if you’re so inclined, we will have coffee and tea).